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Benefits of letting your kids do household chores

little girl wearing a yellow t-shirt cleaning the windows

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Have you ever wondered why it is important for kids to do chores? We all know it can be very helpful if the kids help, but it is actually extremely good for them too. There are so many benefits of doing household chores for your kids!

Doing chores teaches responsibility

When you assign certain chores to your kids, it will teach them responsibility. They need to finish a certain task and are responsible to get the job done correctly.

My kids love knowing they are responsible for something. It makes them work hard to get it done well, and they will proudly tell dad that they ‘cleaned the hallway all by themselves‘.

Little girl in yellow t-shirt cleaning the windows with a cloth

Doing chores teaches good work ethic

Getting certain chores will also teach them work ethic. I like to use their chore time to teach them how to work smarter not harder for example. We want to teach them to do something really well once, instead of doing it a little bit here and there throughout the day.

This means the children will learn how to work on tasks well and finish it completely before doing something else.

Let’s look at an example. My 6 year old vacuums the living room and in the beginning he didn’t do a great job at it. He wanted to be done quickly so he could continue playing. So when he said he was done, I looked around and said he had to do it again because there was a lot of mess on the floor still. It was a great time to teach him; when we do a chore, we do it well.

Having to do it two or sometimes even three times in 1 hour taught him to do it well on the first try. You always give your very best at a job. Even if it is vacuuming the floor for mom πŸ˜‰

Doing chores teaches important life skills

And along with the previous point. It is important for children to learn life skills and just basic skills in general. Every child needs to know how to clean dishes, vacuum the floors or put things where they belong. It’s a life skill in my opinion.

Once the kids get older, you can give them more chores that focus on life skills. Teach your kids how to operate a washing machine and dryer, teach them how to cook dinners or let them help in the garden. All these skills will come in very handy when they grow up and have a family of their own.

And do not assume only the girls need to learn this. Boys can do ALL of these tasks as well. And their future wives will be very thankful that you taught them how to clean the bathroom or do the laundry!

Little girl adding laundry to a washing machine

Doing chores teaches the importance of helping others

Another very important benefit of letting your kids do chores, is that it will teach them how important it is to be helpful. By doing chores, they take things off of mom’s plate and help her. I always tell the kids mom does a lot of things for the family and it is a blessing when you are able to help.

On top of that, they can learn how to help each other as well. I always tell the kids to look for ways they can help each other. Are they doing chores and one is done earlier than the other? Ask if you can help your sister finish her chores so you can play together.

Doing chores teaches them to manage their time well

Another huge benefit that often gets overlooked; it will teach your kids to manage their time better. It has happened more than once that our kids need to give up screen time because they haven’t finished their chores yet. Doing this a few times helped them to understand it is better to do chores first, then play and when it’s time to watch tv you can just come and sit down.

This is harder for younger children, so it is important to help them create a good schedule and guide them in time management. Use a chore chart, create a good routine and remind them of their chores a few times.

Doing chores teaches them discipline and self-control

Along with responsibility and work ethic, doing chores can also teach your kids discipline and self-control. I don’t know about you, but you have probably heard the phrase ‘I don’t want to do my chores’ more than a dozen times.

When you have certain chores assigned to your children, they learn to discipline themselves. They need to do chores before having fun. So it will teach them to control themselves and wait with anything they want to do until they did their chores well.

These are just a few of the many benefits of having your kids do chores. What chores do your kids do?

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