The Best Christian Books For Moms

woman wearing a sweatshirt, holding 6 books in her hands

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Something I wish I had done more before I became a parent, is read more books. There are so many amazing books, that can help you become a better, calmer and intentional mom. I just never really thought I needed it. But it can be such an enrichment to your personal life and your parenting.

But with all the books that you could choose from, which ones are the best books to start with? This list contains some of the best christian parenting books for both the new mom and the seasoned mother. Books I wish I had read before I became a mother.

Before you think; I never have time to read a book. I am a busy mom!

I want to encourage you to take some time each day or each week to read books. It will not only help you in your motherhood journey, but it will also be a good moment to take some time for yourself and just relax. You might not have a lot of time, but even if you only read for 10 minutes a week, I will promise you it will bless you in ways you didn’t know possible. If your to-do list is too long and you are not sure how to create more time for yourself, I wrote this post to help you!

This list of excellent books, will help you pick books that will encourage you, help you and offer practical ways of showing and teaching God’s love to your children.

woman wearing a sweatshirt, holding 6 books in her hands

The ministry of motherhood – Sally Clarkson

One of my all time favorite books; The ministry of motherhood. This book is about how motherhood is not just about raising children. Motherhood is a ministry that is very important. Especially as christian moms. Being a mother is your mission field, it is what God called you to be in this season of life. And there is nothing more important than raising a generation that loves the Lord.

This book will help you connect to your child’s heart and raise them to become the best version of themselves. It will help you to reduce a lot of the overwhelm and to bring Jesus back into your day to day life. Showing your kids the best and only way to live in today’s world.

I put this at the top of the list, because I think it is one of those books every christian mother should read in her life. So if you don’t know which book to start with, I would definitely choose this one!

Sally wrote another book that is very similar to this one, both in the title and in the message it teaches. It is called The mission of motherhood.

The life giving home – Sally Clarkson

This is such a great book, not just for mothers but for christian women in general. This book gives you practical advice on how to turn your house into a home. Because sometimes it can feel like, as a mom, you are just walking around doing chores, cleaning up messes and trying to make it through the day. But there is so much beauty in being a homemaker. But it can be hard to see that beauty when you are in the thick of it. The good news is that Sally brings you on a journey to see that beauty in your daily, mundane life as a homemaker and mother.

It is set up in such a way that it walks you through the months and gives you practical tips on how to make changes in your home and every day life. This is a great set up, because it allows you to focus on one area at a time. Absolutely a must-read for every mother, homemaker and wife.

Sally wrote more books in her life-giving book series, which are called:

Mom heart moments – Sally Clarkson

Mom heart moments is a perfect book for moms that just really don’t have a ton of time. Maybe you are stretched thin already and want to add in little steps to start with. This devotional will be a great one for you!

In this daily devotional you will find encouragement, bible verses and a small action step to help you move in the right direction.

It is perfect to use during your quiet time moment, or just when you can make time for a 5 to 10 minute read. It doesn’t even need to be quiet around the house. It’s amazing for your kids to see you read the Bible or a devotional every single day! It instills in them a love for reading God’s Word!

I love how Sally writes her books. They are such a delight to read, probably because she writes them all from personal experiences! I could have easily created a list with just books of Sally, but there are many books that are worth reading, so let’s look at some other books!

40 scripture based prayers to pray over your children – Kaylene Yoder

Not really a book you will read for hours on end maybe, but definitely deserves a spot in this list. In this book, you will find 40 prayers that are based on scripture. They are a great way to pray God’s Word over your children each day.

What I also love about this book, is how it opens your eyes to ways you can improve things in your life. I pray these scriptures almost daily and it reminds me every time of the things I can work on myself.

Kaylene wrote more books like this, such as ‘40 scripture based prayers to pray over your husband‘, ‘40 scripture based prayers to pray over your wife‘ and ‘A wife’s 40-day fasting and prayer journal‘.

M is for mama – Abbie Halberstadt

woman holding the 'm is for mama' book in her hand

M is for Mama literally brought me to tears, so many times! I was lucky enough to read the book before it was printed and I couldn’t wait to order a physical copy, so I could read it again and again.

The way Abbie talks about how children are raised in this world and especially how we view and portray motherhood on social media is spot on. She explains how this causes, her so-called ‘Mediocre motherhood’, and how we can fight against that. Because we do not want to be mediocre moms, we want to become the best mother for our children. They deserve it and so do you!

Abbie has a beautiful way of writing. She knows how to touch your mother heart and inspire you to become a better version of yourself without feeling condemned.

Mama bear apologetics – Hillary Morgan Ferrer

Your mom-to-mom guide to help you raise your children in an interesting time. As christian mothers we know there are many lies in this world today, and mama bear apologetics helps you to go against the grain and stand up for what is right. And I love how it is written by two moms who have experienced it with you and give you great tips and encouragement to protect your children’s hearts.

It is written to teach you how to raise your young children, so you teach them what is right and true.

Hillary also wrote an accompanying guide called ‘mama bear apologetics guide‘ which will help you to implement all the tips you read in this book. It is a great resource to use when you read this book.

This book gave me a similar feeling as M is for Mama did. It helps you to see how we, as christian mothers, can rise up and teach our children the Truth. Especially in this world today, where it can seem to be so hard!

Risen Motherhood – Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler

The Bible can often feel like a book that cannot really help you in the everyday tasks as a mom. It feels like it won’t speak specifically to your situation or needs. I mean; there is no Bible verse on what to cook for dinner or how to respond to something your child says to you.

But what mothers often don’t realise, is that the Bible gives us the perfect framework for raising our children. It is packed full with verses that will help you become the best version of yourself and become the best mother your could be for your kids.

In Risen Motherhood, Emily and Laura walk you through these verses and show you how you can use them in your parenting today. The book is based on the gospel and how the Word of God can help you in your motherhood journey. A perfect book for the modern day parent.

The 5 love languages – Gary Chapman

This is definitely a classic and one that could not be missed on this list. I love the 5 love languages for many reasons, and parenting is one of them. We have referred to this book many times in our marriage and in our parenting style, because each kid has their own unique personality and love language that asks for a different approach.

In short, we all have a love language (actually more than one) that we prefer. This is how we like to receive love, but also how we express our love to others. If your love language is physical touch, you want your husband to touch you, hug you, hold your hand etc. This will make you feel loved, while him doing the dishes for you doesn’t really turn you on. You will most likely be very touchy with your husband too, because that is how you show your love to them.

There are different versions of this book. You can grab the original 5 love languages and apply it to your marriage but also to how you raise your children. But you could also decide to go with the book that was specifically written for parents: The five love languages of children.

In his book for children, he makes it very relatable to how you can raise your kids with their love language in mind. You can discover what your child’s love language is, which makes it a lot easier to fill their love bucket.

cup with text on it in front of a stack of books

Awaking wonder – Sally Clarkson

I know we have covered three books by Sally Clarkson already, but I had to include Awaking wonder. It was written for homeschooling mothers, but I believe it is a great book for all christian parents.

Because whether you homeschool or not, we all have to teach our children in some way, shape or form. And in this book, Sally explains how important it is for children to learn from wonder. Making them aware of their surroundings and being in awe of what the Creator made. I am a firm believer in showing our kids the beauty around us, instead of putting them in front of technology all day.

I love how she emphasises the importance of going outside, exploring and letting your kids see all the beauty that is available outside. Your children were designed to see that wonder!

These are some of my favourite books to help you in your parenting journey. I am curious to see which of these christian mom books you will choose to read! So let me know below which one is your favorite or which one you will start to read first!

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