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Block scheduling 101

If you know me for more than two days, you’ll know I am a huge fan of a block schedule to manage my day. And it is something I get asked about multiple times a day. So let’s break it all down!

What is a block schedule?

A block schedule is a way to plan out your day into smaller chunks of time. You divide your day into blocks of 2-3 hours long, which you’ll fill with tasks that make sense for that time of day. For example a work block. In this block you check your emails, have calls etc. You do not start cleaning the house during this block (unless that is your job..)

However, it doesn’t mean you have to do only likeminded tasks. It just means you give each task a certain block during the day and that is when you can do the task. Once the block ends, your ‘time is up’. So anything you did not do from the task list will have to wait it’s turn for the next day.

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For example. Let’s say you have your morning block filled with chores. Then your timer goes off and your work block should start. But you haven’t cleaned the fridge yet. Your fridge will have to wait for tomorrow, because work block means you do work.

I love how this system makes time for all the things that are important to me. I have work, family, household etc all scheduled in. So no more; ‘Oh, it’s 5pm and I really need to start dinner, but haven’t had time to work yet’.

Can it work for you?

Short answer; YES! It is a very flexible system, so I actually think it works better for basically everyone. You just need to know how to adjust it to your schedule. It obviously looks a lot different for someone that works outside of the house fulltime than it does for a stay at home mom.
Follow the steps below to create your schedule!

Where do you start?
blog schedule system
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  • Setting up your blocks. Start by defining the block hours. This depends on when you wake up, go to bed and when your kids nap etc. So make sure to create a block schedule that works around those important times. Make each block between two and three hours long.
  • Start adding in the basics. Add ‘get dressed’ to your morning block, or ‘have lunch’ in the block around lunchtime. It sounds silly, but it will be super helpful in the beginning to have EVERYTHING written down.
  • Add tasks to your blocks. Start adding in the tasks that make sense for specific parts of your day. For me, homeschooling works a lot better in the morning. So that’s why cleaning has to be done in the afternoon. But if it makes more sense for you to turn those two around, go for it!
  • Make sure you have everything scheduled. Make sure that everything that is important to you and your family, has a specific block of your day. Don’t forget to add in time for YOU and time with your spouse!
  • Set timers on your phone. Yes you read that correctly. Set timers. It will help you to focus on the blocks and not end up spending hours on cleaning and forgetting that your family time block started two hours ago.
  • Adjust as needed. I have adjusted my blocks a bunch of times! I would decide to add one task to a block and realise that does not work at all. Be willing to adjust. Make it a system that works for YOU!
What does my schedule look like?

Now you are probably curious what my block system actually looks like. Just a little disclaimer; I am a work from home, homeschooling mama. So my schedule might look completely different than yours. And that’s ok! It’s the beauty of the system!

Also, the tasks are just put in a certain block. I do these things in no particular order. It all depends on what works best at that time. One day your baby might wake up at 1.30pm and you feed him first, while other days you can clean up first because the baby naps an hour longer. Like I said, it’s extremely flexible and you just do the tasks from the block when it works best for your. And if one of the things doesn’t get done before the end of the block, than that’s ok!

My block schedule

I hope this gave you a bit of a glimpse into what block scheduling is and how you can start using one as well! It is such a flexible system that it even works with babies. If you have any questions, please ask me!

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