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Self care tips for the busy mom

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Are you a busy mom wanting to create more time for yourself? It is totally possible, but just make sure you don’t go overboard. With these tips you will easily add in more self care!

Add in more things that you love

Do you love to read books, crochet or watch a show? Add those things into your schedule. It doesn’t have to mean you read for 3 hours straight. But adding in just 15 minutes before bedtime can make a world of a difference!

Not sure how to create more time? In this posts I explain more on creating a block schedule to develop a good routine (and create more time), or read this post that will help you to create more time for yourself.

Keep it simple

When you are busy mom, the last things you want is a super long and time consuming skin care routine. Every. single. day. It’s basically impossible. So I like to keep things sweet and simple. This will make it easy to have time to take care of yourself, without it being overwhelming or simply impossible.

How to keep it simple?

  • Stick to one product or product line. Having a ton of products and steps is so overwhelming. Just stick to one product line and create a habit to do those steps. I am a huge fan of the Cell proof line. They a) smell amazing b) reduce wrinkles c) are very inexpensive! If you click that link you will also get $10 off your first order!
  • Have a routine that is easy to follow. I once bought a line with 3 steps, but I had to read all the bottles before using them because I kept forgetting which step came first. This obviously resulted in me ditching those products all together.

Stack habits

Want to add in more things for yourself? Don’t go overboard! It’s very easy to add in too much and get overwhelmed.

An easy way to change this, is habit stacking. I go into depth on what it is in this post, but here’s the short version.

You add in one habit on top of another.
– After you brush your teeth each morning, stack the habit of flossing.
– Before you take a shower, do a face mask.
– After you eat lunch, fill up your water bottle.

It is not impossible to add in more time for yourself as a mom. You just need to be aware of how to do it! Just make sure you don’t do make it too overwhelming for yourself.

X Steph

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