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What does collagen do and why does everyone need it?

Modere collagen

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Collagen, it’s something we all need. But why?! When we get older, our collagen starts to decrease. This results in looser skin (hello wrinkles) but also affects your bones, muscles etc. Which is why it is smart to supplement it, starting in your 20s. But what exactly is collagen and what are the benefits?

What is collagen?

As mentioned on medicalnewstoday.com; ‘Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. It is the substance that holds the body together. Collagen forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure.’

So it is safe to say; we need collagen. It basically holds our entire body together. So knowing it reduces after our 20s, it’s obvious that it is a smart idea to supplement it.

So what benefits does collagen have?

As mentioned before, collagen is a building block for our body. As you can see in this picture, collagen holds our body and skin together. With aging skin all the collagen and elastin are loose instead of being a nice solid (non wrinkly..) substance. The older we become the less collagen we have. Which results in skin that becomes wrinkly.

But apart from amazing looking skin, collagen is also beneficial for restoring cells, healthy muscles and bones and even restoration of stretch marks (and all the mamas said AMEN!)

Why supplement with Liquid Collagen?

Collagen comes in many different forms by many different companies. We have probably all seen the powdered collagen in stores. But it is much better to use liquid collagen. Why?

Modere Trim

A lot of collagen products contain molecules that are too large for our body to absorb. And the powdered collagen is so big it usually means you only absorb about 30% of the actual collagen. The collagen molecules in Liquid Biocell were made smaller with Modere’s patented bio-optimisation process. This makes the molecules highly absorbable for your body.

Modere offers a wide variety of collagen products. They have the liquid biocell in different varieties (skin, sport, life, pure, etc.) but they also offer collagen infused skincare products. And one of my favorite products; Trim. A unique product that combines the collagen with CLA, which has been clinically proven to decrease body fat.

Ps. Did you know, that on top of amazing products, Modere also has an amazing affiliate program. If you want to learn more, check the work with me page.

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