How to set goals as a stay at home mom

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Setting goals as a stay at home mom can be so hard sometimes. You see all these amazing and huge goals on Social media, and feel like you need those as well. But you also know you don’t really want to set crazy big goals. You just want to be a present mother and be there for your kids.

With these tips you will be able to make goals for yourself and your family that are both fun and achievable!

Why set goals as a stay at home mom

Let’s start with the obvious question you might have; why would I set goals as a stay at home mom? Well, there’s plenty of reasons!

  1. Where there is no vision, the people perish – Proverbs 29:18
    This is hands down, the biggest reason for setting goals. If you don’t have a vision, you don’t really know where you are going. no matter what area in life we are talking about. Which will make it really hard to ‘live for something’. And that could lead to all sorts of depressing thought! Which is why the Bible says you will perish without a vision.
  2. It brings purpose to the every day life.
    We all know it can be hard as a stay at home mom to feel like you are making a difference in this world. You feel like all you do is clean up someone else’s messes and you are just taking care of little people. But the truth is; you ARE making a difference in this world and what you do MATTERS! But in order to feel that way, it is great to have some goals to work towards.
  3. It can help you grow as a mom
    One of the great benefits of setting goals, is that it can help you grow. Because who said a stay at home mom can’t go after those goals?!
    So even if you are in a season of life where you cannot start a business, go out to work or get a new degree, it does not mean you cannot actually learn things that can help you grow! Start reading books, watch videos, improve your skills, etc.
    Would you like to one day own a business? Start reading books about it, start a simple side hustle or begin a YouTube channel or blog on the side. Or maybe you want to learn a new skill like sewing, baking, etc. to improve those skills.
    You can probably think of the best way to keep growing as a mom, but just because you are home, doesn’t mean you can’t learn!

There are many more reasons why setting goals can be a huge blessing when you are a stay at home mom, but let’s start looking at actually setting those goals!

stack of paper on a small table with a coffee next to it

So let’s set some goals!

So how do you set new year’s goals as a stay at home mom?

  1. Start by looking at your current situation. How does your day look? What do you enjoy doing? What do you want to add in? etc. It’s good to have a solid foundation to build on, so make sure you have a good overview of what you are currently doing
  2. Next it’s time to look at what you would like to add in as goals. What would you like to learn? Do you want to finish a specific project? Do you want to start a business? But also think about what you want to spend more time on? Is it more date nights? More moments where you read aloud to your children? etc.
  3. Write down the things from step two and put them in a list. I like to categorise them into goals for family, marriage, financial, personal, health, career and spiritual.
  4. Now it’s time to make sure the goals are actually achievable and specific enough. You can write down ‘get healthy in 2023’, but that is not really a goal you can work towards. Try to rephrase it and make it measurable. So maybe instead you could say; ‘Drink a cup of water before I eat breakfast’ or ‘workout 2 times a week’.
    The same goes with family goals. Instead of saying ‘spend more time with my family’, write down goals like ‘Do a one-on-one date with each child every month’ or ‘Read an extra book with the kids before going to bed’ or ‘do one date night a week’.
  5. And the final thing you want to do is pick one or two goals per category that have top priority for you this year. It makes it a lot easier to do it well. Write those goals down in a spot where you can see them daily.

Are you going to write down goals for yourself as a stay at home mom? What are some goals you have this year? Share them in the comments so you can inspire other moms!

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