Grocery Haul for our Family of 5

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Something I always love to see and hear, is what other buy and how they use it. So when I decided to start sharing on YouTube as well, I knew that was one thing I would like to share. So today I am sharing my grocery haul, for a family of 5 that lives in The Netherlands, Europe.

A few notes

  • We are a family of 5 with children age: 7, 4 and 1. So we don’t have teenagers yet that eat huge amounts of food. This helps to keep the budget down. Although our children are actually great eaters (and big eaters too..)
  • I love to stock up on things when they are on sale. This means we can live on a lower budget. For example, I bought the pizza crust the week before because it was on sale that week. That meant I could stock up on some meat this week for a future day.
  • We live in The Netherlands so prices are very different from the USA. Which is something I always like to see, how people eat in other countries.
  • I buy my groceries online and have them delivered. I still go to the store for some fresh items if I run out before the next delivery, but the bulk of our food is delivered. I do this for two reasons.
    • It saves me a ton of time in the weekend.
    • But it also saves me money. I can see what the total will be and can remove items from the cart to make sure I stay within budget!

How I plan our meals/groceries:

My process for grocery shopping involves a few steps:

  1. I make a meal plan for the week. I make sure I look at all the items we still have that need to be used up, so I don’t purchase more than necessary.
  2. I make sure I look at all the things on sale and make sure I grab anything that is a great deal. Usually that is just a few items here and there. I NEVER buy sale items that we do not use. So even though soda might be on sale, I never purchase it.
  3. I put in all the items I need to make our dinners for the week.
  4. I then add in the items I need for breakfast and lunch, like bread, yoghurt, milk, etc.
  5. I then start to fill my cart with fruit and veggies for snacks.
  6. I then add in some stock items if I still have budget left. If not, I leave it at that and try again next week.
  7. I always check the sale one more time to make sure I didn’t miss out on anything. For example, I might have added in grapes to our cart but the apples are on sale. Well, then I grab apples that week instead of grapes. Our kids like any fruit, so I just get the things on sale.

Our meal plan this week

I always make sure I plan out our meals for the week. This saves me time, money and stress during the week. But you can read more about the importance of meal planning in this post.

Monday: Pasta Pesto, with chicken, zucchini and onions. Side of mozzarella and tomato.
Tuesday: Potato wedges, green beans, roasted cherry tomatoes and schnitzels.
Wednesday: Noodles with pickles and chips as sides.
Thursday: Leftovers with a salad
Friday: Pizza night. Pepperoni pizza.
Saturday: Party (so no dinner at home)
Sunday: Church (Also no dinner at home, we had soup and hotdogs in church)

Let me know below what you are having for dinner this week!

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