10 habits to start in 2024 as a Christian Homemaker

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With a new year approaching, we can’t miss the fact that people are setting New Years Goals. And as a Christian Homemaker it is actually important to set goals as well! We talked about it in this blogpost, but today I wanted to share with you what habits I am going to start/continue in 2024 and what you can do as well.

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The 10 habits to start in 2024:

  1. Read your Bible daily
    Kind of an obvious one, but extremely important nonetheless! If you aren’t doing this already, now is a great time to start. No matter if it’s January 1st or August 14th when you read this post. Start today. You won’t regret it!
  2. Read one proverb a day
    One of my favourite ways to read the Bible is by reading a Proverb a day. Proverbs has 31 books so it is perfect to use it as a guideline each month. Plus, there is amazing wisdom to be found in those Bible books!
  3. Plan your week
    One of the easiest ways to get your Bible reading in, is to actually plan your week. If you don’t plan your week, it will fill up with all sorts of things so easily and before you know it, you don’t ‘have time’ for God. And that is NEVER what should happen.
  4. Plan date nights
    And while you are planning your week, don’t forget to work on your marriage and plan in date nights as well. It is extremely important to always work on your relationship and invest in your partner. So plan those date nights!
  5. Wake up early
    I have talked about it before, but waking up early is vital for me to have a good day. And I know I am not the only one! Make sure to wake up before the kids, read your Bible in quiet and spend time with God. I promise you, your day will be so much better when you do!
  6. Pray over your family while doing chores
    Something I try to do more, but can definitely improve in; praying for my family while doing chores. It is such a beautiful way to talk to the Father and simultaneously pray over those you love so much. Folding laundry for your kids? Pray over them!
  7. (Bible) journaling
    I recently purchased a new journaling Bible for this reason. I love Bible journaling, but haven’t been doing so well over the years. But journaling in your Bible will help you to retain the information you have just read. And a bonus? You can use your creativity.
  8. Learn a new skill
    As homemakers, we are constantly learning and improving our skills. But why not focus this year on one specific skill?! Maybe you want to become better at baking, be a better cook, learn how to sew or become a master in planning your meals. Whatever it is, focus on it more this year!
  9. Be more present, turn off TV more
    This one is so important! With all the negativity coming on through our phones, iPads and TVs, it is important to be aware of it and turn it off more often than not. Be more present with the kids and resist the urge to want to know all the things. We weren’t made to know it all. Focus on what is important; God, your family and your home.
  10. Close your kitchen every night
    A very practical habit to start this year, but it has been such a game changer for me in 2023. Close your kitchen every night. What that means? Well, it basically means you have a clean kitchen, empty sink and shiny stove before you leave the room to go to bed.

So, which one of these habits for 2024 are you going to implement this year? Or is there something else you are going to do? I’d love to hear from you!

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