On this blog you will find a lot of information about our homeschooling journey. It is something that is a huge part of our lives and I just absolutely love learning and researching anything and everything. So why not share everything I learn with you?!

To answer a few of the questions I receive most, here’s a little FAQ:

What ages are our homeschooled kids?

We have one 5 year old boy that is officially homeschooled. We also have a 2.5 year old girl that follows along with some things we do and learns a ton while we play. But I only use an outline and actual plan for our son.

Why do we homeschool?

A question we get asked a ton is; why do you even homeschool?! Especially in The Netherlands, where we currently live, because it is very uncommon here to homeschool.

I could go on and on about why I love homeschooling. There is just so much beauty in being with your kids and helping them navigate through life. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the kids thrive in all areas of life.

But the short answer is; we homeschool because of our faith. We are Jesus-followers and want to teach our kids to have a relationship with Jesus as well. This is not something that is taught in schools.

What curriculum do we use?

We use ‘the Good and the Beautiful‘ as a basic outline. It is an amazing curriculum and doesn’t need many supplements. But I love to try new things, so I supplement with:

What does your homeschool day look like?

Our homeschool days are still pretty basic, because my oldest just started school. We follow a routine which you can read more about here. I just make sure we do our Morning Basket and Language arts daily. The other subjects are extra and is something we ‘loop’ (rotate between three subjects).

Do I have a degree in teaching?

Yes and no. I have a degree in teaching, but it is a degree to teach English as a second language to secondary school students. So I don’t actually use much of the things I learned on a daily basis for our kids.

It is useful however, that I learned more about how a child’s brain develops and how to create lesson plans. But that is about everything I use for our current homeschool situation.

If you have any other question, feel free to ask!