How minimalism can help you manage your home better


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Do you feel like you are always picking up clutter? Constantly organising the kitchen cabinets? Or never seem to get on top of the laundry? It’s time to think about minimalism. But not in the extreme form. Just embracing a more minimal lifestyle will help you manage your home better. Here’s how.

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Start small

Before you start doing anything, make sure you start small. There’s no need to live out of a suitcase in less than a week (or ever. Who even wants to do that?!). Just start decluttering and downsizing the amount of items you own one day at a time.

Find 3 bottle openers in the drawer? Get rid of 1 or 2 of them to create space. It will reduce the amount of stuff in the drawer, but most importantly, it will make cleaning and organising the drawer a lot easier as well! So this will make managing your home so much easier.

Starting to declutter just one item daily will get you in the habit of minimising. And this will be amazing in the long run.

Declutter your home

Now that you started decluttering, it’s time to look at all the items you own. Remember, go slow. One drawer, one cabinet, one box at a time.

It might not seem to do anything significant, but it does! Every item you were able to donate or sell, makes it less clutter to keep up with. One of the hardest parts about managing your home, is having so much stuff to clean and organise every day.

Create a routine

Now that you have less items, it is time to think about a good routine. Creating a routine that you can stick to is important, because you don’t want to lose control over your stuff again. Picking up your clutter daily, not acquiring a lot of new things and putting things back where they belong will help you a ton.

So in order to manage your home well, it’s important to create routines that will accomplish that. I have a ton of posts about routines, which you can find here.

Do you want more hands-on help? Make sure to sign up for my course waitlist. In this course I will walk you through creating good and lasting routines in detail, help you create a good schedule and finding joy in homemaking and motherhood.

What do you do to have less stuff and more time? Let me know in the comments below!

X Steph

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