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How to get rid of mom guilt

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If there is one thing almost every mom can agree on, it’s that mom guilt will happen at some point in motherhood. And if it’s not something you put on yourself, it might just happen to be something another mom will make sure you experience..

mom guilt

I never fully understood why people would go on and on about mom guilt until I became a mother. I think I never realised how big of a thing it actually is. And how many mothers deal with it. So I wanted to share some of the things that helped me to get rid of it.

Know your worth

Definitely the most important one of all; know your own worth. YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). And you are the ONLY mom your kids need. So don’t ever think you are doing things wrong. You were made to be their mom, literally!

So something that truly helped me to deal with mom guilt, was knowing what my identity is in Christ. Focussing on what He says I am and silencing down all the voices from this world. Because there are so many different views on parenting and ”how you should do things”.

But no matter your religion,
YOU are enough.
YOU are doing a great job.
YOU are the mom your kids need.

Remember that every child (and mother) is different and unique

Often times we get advice from other moms about how we should do things. And even though we know those are well meant, that mama doesn’t know your kids. Her kids are different, you are different and that means you do things differently than she does. And that is okay!!

It’s okay if you sleep with all your babies in one bed
But, it’s also okay if your kids sleep in their own rooms.
It’s okay to breastfeed your child for a week, a month or 4 years.
But, it’s also okay not to breastfeed your child and use formula!

Whatever you choose to do for you and your family is your choice!

Look at it from a different angle

One of the things I could feel guilty about, was working from home with my kids being home as well. Because, I felt like I needed to be on the floor with them 24/7. But I quickly found out that I don’t have to. I decided to look at it from a different angle.

My kids are home all day and get the privilege of being here. They also have the privilege of seeing me work from home. Watching me make sacrifices for the family. Watching me go after my dreams. Helping other people every single day. Knowing that a woman can simultaneously be a great mother and a good employee or business owner. It doesn’t have to be ‘either or’, it can be ‘both and’!

I love that my children know that I work hard for our future. And for mom it looks like working from home, for dad it looks like working outside the home. But we both work hard for them. And there is nothing wrong with working hard!

What is something that helps you get rid of the mom guilt? Let me know below!

X Stephanie

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