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What to include in your monthly reset routine

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The best way to end your month is by using a so called monthly reset routine. But does that even mean and what does it consist off?

What is a monthly reset routine?

Before we dive into all the things you could (and should) add to your monthly reset routine, let’s figure out what it actually is.

A monthly reset routine is basically a specific moment at the end of the month to reflect on your past month and set goals and focus for the upcoming month. You take a moment to really focus on what went well, what could go better and what you can focus on moving forwards.

Why do a reset every month?

So now that we know what a monthly reset means, let’s talk about why you should try it for yourself.

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  • You will improve at setting goals. When you create a new goal list every month, you will learn more about yourself and the things you can accomplish in a month. It will get you excited about the month ahead and will make it a lot easier to know what to focus on. Which brings me to:
  • You will know what to focus on. When you have clear goals written down, you know exactly what to do and when. For example; when you write down you want to read 5 books this month, then you know what you can do when you have 5 minutes left. No more scrolling social media. You will just grab a book and go!
  • You get a good glimpse into your time and money. When budgeting is part of your routine (which it honestly should be) then you will know exactly where you spent all your money on last month. This will help you to know what to look out for. Overspent on groceries? Now you know to stay away from the chocolate isle..
  • Great way to let go of the past and move on. I absolute love this part of the routine. When you close out the month, you actually can let go of anything that happened last month and focus on all the new fun things that are coming. It’s a great way to truly close the month and move on.
  • Keeps you on track of your year goals. When you set new intentions at the beginning of the year, you are likely to forget about them once February starts. Because we just don’t think about our goals that often. But when you decide to do a monthly reset routine, you will have an opportunity each month to look back at those intentions and stay focused.

What to include in your monthly reset routine

Now that you know how important and beneficial it can be to do a reset each month, let’t talk about the things you can include. There are honestly so many things you can add! Here’s some ideas to get you started!

macbook with a september budget spreadsheet opened as part of the monthly reset routine mentioned in the blogpost
  • Goal review. One thing I love to start with is reviewing my goals of last month and see what went well, what didn’t and figure out why.
  • Goal setting new month. And after reviewing last month’s goals, I set new goals for the new month.
  • Reflect on past month. Along with reviewing your goals, you can look at the past month overall and see what you loved and didn’t love. Maybe you could write a little journal at the end of each month to write out your thoughts.
  • Close your budget from last month. I love budgeting and closing my budget. Even though I am shocked to see where my money went sometimes, it’s a perfect way to see how you can do better and save/invest more!
  • Create new budget. And once you have closed your budget, it’s time to create a new one! Look at your financial goals and see where you can improve your spending from last month.
  • Plan your month. At the beginning of the month you can obviously plan out your entire month. Write down appointments, parties etc. to stay organised!

One thing I love about a monthly reset routine is just taking time to reflect on my life. Making sure I stay on track of my goals and our family’s goals. Staying on top of our budget and making sure we stay on top of our financial goals as well.

Do you do monthly reset routines? What do you include?

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woman writing in a pink notebook while sitting behind a MacBook.

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