The job I am most proud of in life; being a mama! I always knew I wanted to be a mother and couldn’t wait to have children of my own.

Love being a mama

And now, five years in and three kids, I still love being a mama so much! Yes, it’s extremely challenging, but also so rewarding! I am extremely grateful God gave us three healthy kids!

I love inspiring other mamas to enjoy these precious years. The days can be very very long (trust me I know all about this!) but the years are short.

What I share about on the blog?

Basically all things that help me as a young mom of three, to stay sane. I am a work from home mama, I homeschool our oldest and coach a large team of other mamas and women who are also working from home. But that doesn’t mean you cannot be present with the kids. it just means you need a good plan. Something I learned the hard way 😉

I will also share more on our personal life. I had a lot of requests to do Day in the Life blogs, so that will probably be a recurring topic as well.

Most of all, I hope to inspire you to enjoy being a mama! It’s the biggest blessing.