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The best schedule for a stay at home mom

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You are home all day, have a lot of things to do, are constantly busy and still feel like you got nothing done all day and only wipes baby bums? Sound familiar? It is what I hear ALL THE TIME. So many stay at home moms feel like their schedule is not working. And spoiler alert, it usually doesn’t.

Why does your current schedule not work?

Let’s start with the basics. Why does your schedule not work? It probably looks like either one of these options:

a) You plan your day hour by hour and have it packed full with thing you feel like you should be doing. There is so much on your list that you often just have to finish before something is done, or you don’t have time to just sit and play with your kids. Because; ‘So much to do and so little time!’

b) You don’t plan your day at all. You rather just do whatever you feel like and have a big to do list with things you actually should be doing that day. Usually 2 of the 10 items get crossed off and you feel bad for not doing everything on the list.

Does any of these sound familiar in a way? I bet it does. But let me tell you, there is another way of planning your days. It makes you less stressed but will actually help you get a lot of things done.

So, what is a great schedule?

So you are probably wondering what that great schedule looks like? Well my friend, it’s a block schedule system. There is not a system out there that works better for me than a block schedule. Let me explain why.

  • Working in bigger blocks gives me freedom to move things around. I know I have to do the dishes in my chores block, but whether I do it first or last doesn’t matter. If my baby needs me, I can do it later that block. As long as I get it done in that block.
  • A block schedule gives me much needed structure to my day. Because I know all too well that feeling of, ‘oh shoot it’s 4pm and I haven’t started my daily cleaning yet!’ With a block schedule I have a set time each day to tackle my cleaning. Everything that is important gets done, every day.
  • It reduces stress and overwhelm. And this is a BIG deal to me. Because what will most likely give you stress and overwhelm? That major to-do list staring at you from the kitchen counter. You should do all of them but you never seem to finish them. Well, with a block schedule you purposefully set time apart for tasks. For example, in your chores block you can do things like clean the oven, wash the windows or do a deep clean of the bathroom. You will probably never have time to do that, unless you schedule it in!

So, it is safe to say I am a huge fan of time blocking and a block schedule system. So many moms have found freedom and structure from it! If you need help to get started, comment below and I’ll help you.

Learn more

You can read an in depth post about the basics of a block schedule system here.

But very simply put; you divide your day into 2-3 hour blocks and give those blocks a specific theme. Everything with that theme goes into that block. Examples are: work block, housework block, homeschool block, morning block, outing block, etc. Batching these tasks will make you more efficient. This results in you getting the things done sooner, so you have more time to do things you love!

To schedule my days I have used many planners. And honestly, basically all planners can work. But here’s two of my favourites!

The Passion Planner


Happy Planner


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