How to start implementing a weekly home blessing

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One of the best things I ever did for our home and my family, is implement a weekly home blessing. It’s something I learned from FlyLady, but I tweaked it to fit our family’s needs. Let’s dive into a weekly home blessing and get you ready to have your own.

What is a weekly home blessing?

Before we dive into the tasks we can do during our weekly home blessing, let’s look at what it actually is.

A weekly home blessing is series of tasks, usually done within one to two hours where you make sure your home is looking nice and clean and will be a blessing to those living in it.

So it does not mean you will deep clean your oven, do a 2 hour cleaning of the bathroom or scrub down kitchen tiles. It is a combination of all sorts of smaller tasks that will make your home so much nicer to live in, like new bedsheets, mopping the floors or taking out the trash.

Having this specific time each week to do these tasks is a great way to make sure all those smaller things get done. You could do them during the week, but then you can easily forget one or two tasks. Having one hour set aside to do all those smaller things helps you to stay on top of things.

The day you choose to do your weekly home blessing hour is completely up to you. FlyLady recommends doing it on a Monday, but I prefer to do it on a Friday. When I do this the day before the weekend starts, I have a clean home for my husband to come home to, not as much cleaning I need to do during the weekend and just a really nice looking home for when we spend more time at home as a family. But if your schedule makes it easier to do it on a Tuesday afternoon, go for it!

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What to add to your weekly home blessing routine?

Now, let’s look at some of the things you can do during your weekly home blessing hour. These are some of the things I love to do myself:

  • Change bed sheets. A simple task, but one of the best in my opinion. Because there is nothing more amazing than getting in a freshly made bed at night. So do this to bless yourself and your husband with a nice and comfy bed.
  • Vacuum and mop. You probably vacuum three times a day already when you have kids. But try to mop at least once a week to keep the floors nice and clean for the kids to play on! ps. If you wear shoes inside the house, I would recommend to mop the floors more than once.
  • Take out trash. I love starting the weekend with empty trash cans around the house.
  • Water the plants. One of those tasks you might forget to do. Watering them one a week will keep them nice and healthy! You might even become a plant lady one day ; )
  • Declutter high traffic areas. Decluttering is something you want to do more than once a year. So in order to get into the habit of decluttering, try doing a weekly 15 minute declutter in your high traffic areas. Go through your mail, donate things you don’t really use and go through the kids’ toys and throw away broken things.
  • Dust. An easy task and even something your kids can easily help you with. Our kids love to help me clean and dusting is one of those things they can do!
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More tips to keep your home clean

If you want to keep your home clean, you can’t just do a weekly home blessing and call it good. I wish we could! But there are definitely some things you can do during the week to make your cleaning less daunting! Here’s some things I like to do to keep the home nice and tidy.

  • Pick up clutter daily. One of the easiest ways to make your home feel cleaner and more pleasant to live in is when there is less clutter. Pick up items during the day an make sure they go where they belong. Don’t know what to do with an item? Well, might be time to part with it all together!
  • Clean kitchen before going to bed. An amazing habit I started implementing in 2022 and it’s been a game changer. I hardly ever go to bed with dishes on the counter anymore and it makes the mornings so much easier! No need to do last nights dishes before making breakfast. When you have a dishwasher (you are one blessed mama!) make sure you turn it on at night so you (or the kids) can unload it first thing in the morning and start with a clean kitchen.
  • Vacuum living area daily. So much dust and dirt collects in the living areas, it’s crazy! A quick daily vacuum keeps it from going overboard. So make it a habit to do this every day. I like to do it around 4.30pm just before my husband comes home for work. It means we can eat dinner without all the crumbs of bread and cookies.
  • Stay on top of laundry. If you are not doing a daily load of laundry yet, I want to encourage you to try it! You can read my laundry routine here, but it basically means I collect all the dirty laundry on a Monday and then wash a load every day. And once the load is washed I make sure it is put away before I start a new one. This usually means I wash in the morning, transfer to the dryer around lunch and fold the clothes around 3pm. It’s really not that hard to do.
  • Pick one day for deep cleaning tasks. Pick one day a week where you are going to deep clean an area in your house. I have said it a few times already, but this is based off of FlyLady’s zone cleaning method. She suggests one day for zone cleaning, and that is what I stick to. The simple tasks that are part of the zone will happen throughout the week. So deep cleaning the oven happens on zone cleaning day, but filling up my containers with oats, grains, etc. happens somewhere during the week.

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  1. I love doing a blessing hour on Fridays as well for the same reasons! Although, we just had the stomach bug the past few days and it’s always astounding how much not tidying up for a day or two makes an impact. Going to get after all the mess today. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Right? I had the same realisation recently when I forgot we had to go to the dentist on Friday. It messed up my schedule and the house was not as tidy as it should be! Making sure we do a weekly home blessing every week, even if it has to be on a Thursday.

  2. I love the name of this! “Weekly Home Blessing” helps make it more enjoyable than just calling it cleaning day. It is true that it will bless everyone in the home, so I’m going to start calling it that! Great idea to do it before the weekend so you have a nice, relaxing space during that time. Can’t wait to implement this!

  3. I love the shift in terminology here. What a posture to have as the heart of our homes – still working on it personally though 😉 thanks for sharing!

  4. I really like this idea! We’re a homeschooling family too, so sometimes it feels a little overwhelming keeping up with everything there is to do. Having a set timeframe to get the tasks done sounds like a really great idea. And I love the name, too!

    1. Having a set amount of time to do these tasks has been so helpful. I never got much done when I tried to do it whenever I had a spare minute. Setting aside an hour really helped so much.

  5. This is so cool. I work 10-12hrs/night for 12 out of 14 days so my time to help out around the home is limited to very specific tasks to keep the house work manageable. However, this sees so doable to help reduce my wifes stress while she cares for a set of 4 year olds and a 7 month old.

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