Why daily brain dumps are crucial for busy moms

brain dumps for busy moms

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‘I need to make sure I do my groceries in time for Johnny’s birthday. Oh and I also need to make sure I reschedule our dentist appointment. When was aunt Lucy’s dog coming over again? Wait, I don’t think I did a load of laundry yet.’

I’m not sure about you, but this could very well have been a conversation that would go on in my head on a daily basis. As a mom you have so many things to think about and remember. How will you ever keep up with all of it?

Enter; brain dumps. Honestly, it’s so simple, I am embarrassed to admit it took me a while to jump on this train. But it has been so good for my constantly active brain!

Why should you do braindumps?

  • It helps to get everything that’s in your head on paper. Well duh.. but hear me out. If you have amazing ideas, but don’t write them down you can forget about them entirely. Or even parts of it, which makes the idea not as great as it seemed at the time..
  • You are less likely to forget important things. Need to pay a bill on time? Write it down on a piece of paper and schedule it into one of your blocks! (ps. Check out this block schedule 101 post to learn more about block scheduling!)
  • You don’t do 20 things at the same time because you’re afraid you might forget if you don’t do it right now. No, you just write it down on your brain dump page and work on it when you have it scheduled in (and have the focus!).
  • Because you wrote it down, you know you will not forget about it. Which give you a lot less stress! And isn’t that something we would all like to have less of?! Having a ton of things in your head that you know you should not forget will boost your stresslevel until it’s finished. The problem is, as soon as you finish something, another thing will be added to the list. So it will never be completely done. So getting it out of your head and on paper will tremendously lower your stress levels!

Practical tips

  • Make sure you always have a piece of paper and a pen next to your bed. Whenever something pops up in your head in the morning or evening; write it down! Tip: Use our braindump pages!
  • Bring a notebook with you wherever you go, or use the notes app on your phone. Just make sure you can always make notes.
  • Create one ‘master to do list’ and copy your brain dumps on that list. From this list you can then pull tasks whenever you are filling your blocks or when you have time left.

Do you do daily brain dumps? Let me know!

X Steph

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