Why do we love our Morning Basket?

Basket filled with books including a Children's Bible

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One of the first things I implemented into our schoolday was a Morning basket. But what is it and why am I so glad I found out about it?! Well, let me explain!

why do we love our morning basket?

What is a Morning Basket?

A Morning Basket is a time in the day when everyone in the family can come together and learn together about specific subjects. All ages can homeschool together doing activities like reading aloud, studying the arts, or even efficiently combining students for subjects like history and science.‘ – Pam Barnhill

So what you do during your Morning Basket time is different for every family. But it focusses on time spent together as a family and learning together. And I love that thought! Even though my youngest does not have to do any schoolwork yet, she loves sitting on the couch with us and learns a ton by just being present.

Morning Basket Time is also a perfect time to read scriptures as a family or focus on some basic life skills. And doing all the parts of our basket, only takes us between 20 and 30 minutes a day!

What is currently in our Morning Basket?

Your Morning Basket typically consists of things that are important to your family. And for me it also means things I want to do every single day. So even if we don’t get to the official schoolwork, we have still learned important things.

What we do during our Morning Basket:

Bible and devotional for our morning basket
  • Bible + devotional. We read a bible story or a devotional every day. My daughter loves reading the Bible (although we do that as a family during breakfast as well) and my son loves to do the devotional. So we always choose on the spot. We are currently reading ‘the Jesus story book bible’ (absolute favourite!) and ‘Indescribable’.
  • Morning Binder. This is a binder that holds our calendar, days of the week, months of the year, etc. Basically a binder filled with printables from Arrows & Applesauce. She has amazing printables! So definitely check her Etsy store!
  • Read Aloud books. Depending on the season we are in, we have different Read Aloud books to choose from. We read one of two books together every morning.
  • Flashcards. These are from all over the internet. Some from Arrows & Applesauce, some came with our curriculum and I found a few random ones on Pinterest (check out my homeschooling board to find tons of inspiration!).
  • Songs from our curriculum. I found a few songs on YouTube for the days of the week, the months of the year and ABC’s. We watch those every day and the kids love that!

I would also like to add a fun poetry book at some point. But haven’t found one I absolutely loved. So please share your favourites in the comments section!

What I love about the Morning Basket?

There are several reasons why I love the morning basket. Let me share a few;

Arrows and Applesauce
  • It is interactive and fun. We do so many different things in a short amount of time. So it’s perfect for little kids because they don’t have to be focussed for too long.
  • It is very short! We typically spent between 20-30 minutes on our Morning Basket. Which makes it fun for the kids.
  • It covers all our basics that are important to us. No matter what happens the rest of the day, we did the most important things in the morning already. We read our Bible, read books and learned what day, month and weather it is that day.
  • It involves the entire family. Our kids are still young, but I can already see why it is going to be a great start to our day when we have three kids in three different levels. It’s already been great to do this with a Kindergartener and our toddler.

Do you use a Morning Basket? I am curious what is in yours and if you have any poetry books you’d recommend!


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