You are more than ‘just a mom’

more than a mom

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One thing I hear women say way too often is ‘Oh, I am just a mom’. Friend, you are so much more than that!

For as long as I can remember, I have loved the idea of becoming a mother. But I never viewed it as the end goal. I always knew it would be the biggest, hardest and most rewarding ‘job’ I would ever have in my life. It never crossed my mind to think I would be ‘just a mom’.

More than just a mom

So if this is something you experience, let me tell you all the things you are as a mama!

  • You create a home. When it comes to making your house a home, there is nobody more important than you mama! You are the one who makes it cosy, who decorates it and make sure there is food on the table. YOU are the one who turns it into a home for you and your family.
  • You provide a safe place. With making your house a home, you also turn it into a safe place. A place where your husband can come home to and unwind. A place your kids can bring their friends. A place where you create memories. A place where everyone in the family can feel safe and be totally themselves.
  • You are a hard worker. Yes, you are! And it’s important to acknowledge that. It doesn’t matter if you have a paid job or not. You do laundry, you cook dinners, you clean the house, you make sure the kids stay alive. Friend, you are working HARD!
  • You are a carer. Probably one of my favourite things about being a mother is the caring part. I love to snuggle the kids when they feel sad, overwhelmed or just need a hug. I love to give them tea when they played in the cold all morning. I love to make healthy dinners and I love prepare my husbands lunch in the morning. You take care of so many people outside yourself!
  • You are a gatekeeper. As a mother you have the amazing task of deciding what comes into your home. You can protect your family and keep them as healthy and safe as possible. Be wise in making that decision.

But beside all these amazing tasks; YOU ARE YOU! And that is the best thing you could ever be! So do not forget to take care of yourself either. Take time to fill your own cup, go after some dreams, start a business or find a new passion.

more than just a mom

What is something you really want to do in 2021? What are some of your passions in life? Or did you lose most of your dreams when you became a mama? I would love to encourage you to start dreaming again! Write down a list and allow yourself to dream BIG. Don’t hold back!


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