5 things we are loving right now

bag with pattern block falling out and pieces of cardstock next to it

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There’s a few things we particularly love in this season and I’d like to share with you why!

Morning Basket
Morning Basket

If you’ve read my blogpost about our Morning Basket, you’ll know we are all loving it a ton! It’s just such a great tool to spend time together as a family, focussed on reading the Bible and just learn while we are having fun. And the best thing is that is completely adjustable to your needs!

If you haven’t looked into a Morning Basket yet, go do it! I am pretty sure you will love it as much as we do!

Book series of ‘where do diggers sleep at night’

I can basically read this book without looking at the words. And I am pretty sure my son can tell you the entire story by just looking at the pictures. We love it that much!

I bought the series of books with diggers (and other vehicles), airplanes (and any flying objects) and trains. But this one is definitely a favourite. We always come back to this one and I actually love it.

So if you have a car/truck/vehicle loving boy like me, this is definitely a book you need!


If there is one thing I could not do without this pregnancy, it is this fabulous juice right here. Ningxia Red is an amazing drink for all sorts of reasons! Energy, healthy hair and nails, antioxidants, etc.

Ningxia Red

My favourite being the amount of antioxidants in it. Antioxidants are important for a human body , because it helps us to get rid of Free Radicals. And you want that, because free radicals can damage your body and your organs in many different ways.

And now that I am carrying an extra human being, it is even more important to get a good dose of antioxidants. There are antioxidants in food as well, but eating the right amount is basically impossible. You would need to eat hundreds of carrots, tomatoes, apples, etc. a day! So you might understand why I would choose a delicious drink over 100 carrots 😉

Our kindergarten curriculum

When I first started with Josh, he was a little too young to do the Pre-K course from The Good and The Beautiful. So at that point I wasn’t sure if it was going to fit our needs. We decided to take it slow and pick back up later. That was a great choice, because he is currently doing the Primer course and absolutely loves it! He asks me almost daily when he can read and what letters he can learn today. It’s so fun to watch! I am excited to see how he’s going to grow in reading and I am sure that The Good and The Beautiful will be a big part of our homeschool routine!

Pattern Blocks

This is a recent purchase, but it’s been a hit ever since! It’s so fun to see the kids create all sorts of things with these blocks! I have a few different ways for Josh to use the blocks. We start slow and just place the right shape on a piece of paper with a simple object (like a house). And we will slowly go towards the cards that were in the box, where he has to recreate the image on his own.

What is some of your favourite items for homeschooling? I would love to add more educational material to our stash, so any tips and tricks are welcome!


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