How to use a loop schedule in your schoolday

loop schedules

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How to use loopschedules

Do you ever feel like you need to do so many subjects, but just don’t have the time to do them all?! Does life interfere with your homeschool schedule which makes you fall behind on your schedule before the week even started? I feel you! And I have one amazing tool to help you

Loop schedules!

What is a loop schedule?

With a loop schedule you go through different subjects that you want to cover regularly. It looks different for everyone, because not every homeschool mom or child does the same subjects. But here’s an idea of some subjects you could loop.


You won’t do all of these subjects every single day, but you create a loop schedule in order to schedule them in every few days.

Why did we choose to go with a loop schedule?

The number one thing that scared me the most before I started on our homeschooling journey, was the fact that I had to do all the things every single day. How was I ever going to fit it all into one day. And I don’t even want my 5 year old to do school for hours a day. I want him to be able to play and learn at the same time.

Enter the loop schedule. When I first heard about it, it actually still sounded a little daunting. But not anymore. I can now schedule in a ton of subjects without having to overload my son with all the schoolwork.

loop schedules
How to create a loop schedule

Start by writing out a list of subjects you would like to cover every so often. This is completely up to you and your family! That’s the beauty of this system! For us it looks like this (kindergartner):

Science/Geography (Unit study)

After putting down the subjects you are basically done. You might want to add a few subjects in multiple times depending on your child’s age. For example; Add Math in twice in order to make sure you focus on it more.

Now that you have the list, you just go through it over and over again. Day one you do Math, day two you do Handwriting, day three something came up unexpectedly and you weren’t able to do a loop subjects, so day four you do Crafts etc.

You can go as crazy as you like with creating loop schedules. For us it looks as simple as just these four subjects. But the older your kids get, the more complicated you could make it. You can create a loop for a particular subject or do multiple loops during the day. We are not at that stage yet, but play around with the subjects you want to do and figure out the best system for your family!

Do you use a loop schedule? Which subjects do you love to loop?


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