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Completely change your week with a weekly to-do list

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Ever feel like you have so many things to do but your day just isn’t long enough?! I would have to-do list after to-do list, but it just never seemed to get done. I had so many things I need to do, but so little time. Well, enter the weekly to-do list! Combine it with your block schedule and it will completely change your week!

Block schedule

Let’s start with this; having a block schedule will make your weekly to do list work even better. So if you haven’t started a block schedule yet, I highly recommend you doing so. You can read more about it here or sign up for my email list and be the first to hear more about our new Productivity course coming soon! And big bonus; you will receive my productivity planner for FREE!

Already work with a block schedule? Perfect! Now let’s get started with a weekly to do list!

Weekly vs daily list

Why do I love a weekly list instead of a daily list?

Well, I often planned way more than I could actually do when I worked with just a daily to do list. It’s because I would think of all these things that HAD to be done in that week. And then I’d try to do them all on Monday. At the end of the day I would get half of the list done and feel so unproductive. When in reality, I actually did half of my weeks to-do’s in just one day.

When I started working with a weekly to do list, I would add all those tasks to that list and pick a few I would be able to do on a Monday. Now I had every task together in one spot, but would also have a smaller list for the day itself. And an added bonus; I will usually cross off all the items on my list (which is extremely satisfying)!

So how does it work?

It’s super easy, but revolutionary nonetheless! Just write down EVERYTHING you need to get done that week on your planning day (my planning day is on a Saturday. Read more about it here). Write down every single thing. So anything work related, house/cleaning related, gifts you need to buy, etc. Add to this list whenever you think of something else during the week.

When you start to plan your day and blocks, pick a few things from that list that you can get done. For example, I know my work block during the day will last between 1 and 2 hours, so I pick things off the list that will fit in that timeframe. Do I need to leave the house or will it take longer than that? I will put it on a different day or in my evening work block.

Some tips

  • Make sure you have your list easily available so you can add or pick things from the list whenever you want.
  • Have a notepad beside your bed to write down any task you remember just before going to bed. Because I believe every mom should have a brain dump before bed to clear her head! Read why in this post.
  • Don’t fill up your blocks with a massive to do list every day, because you will lose the whole point of a weekly list. Just add in a few tasks here and there and pick more tasks from the weekly list as you go.
  • Have a ‘top three’ each day of things that you really want to get done.

Do you work with a weekly to do list already? Or have you started implementing it? Let me know below!



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