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How to create a productive daily routine

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Creating a good daily routine is important for many reasons. But how do you actually do that? With these tips your schedule will certainly turn into a productive daily routine!

Identify your priorities

We start with the most important step. Because what is actually important to you? What gets priority in your life?

This is different for everyone (as it should be). But make sure you have them clear for yourself. Are you in a season of focussing on getting healthier? Then health and exercise are important for you.

Check out this post all about working out as a busy mom!

But maybe you are not interested in exercising, but are actually working on building your business from home. (which you should.. Read my blogpost about why you need a side hustle here) Then you will give priority to work instead of exercise.

Whatever it is, make sure you have them written down somewhere so you can refer to them when needed.

Create a schedule around your priorities

Once you know what your priorities are, you can create a schedule around them. Fill it up with what’s important and make sure you say no to the things that are not important right now. You can’t do all the things. It’s a lie 😉 So make sure you think carefully about what you allow into your schedule!

productive daily routine

I am a huge believer of a block schedule system. It is just the best system to create a productive daily routine around what is important to you. You can learn more about the system in this blog post.

Set boundaries

Another important part is to have boundaries in place. You always need to be aware what you can say ‘yes’ to and what is simply not important right now. Think about those boundaries. Say no more often!

Another boundary you should have is the amount of time you spend on something. It’s easy to get sucked into work when you start, but make sure you don’t overdo it. Was your plan to spend 30 minutes engaging on Instagram? Then set a timer and stop when the alarm goes off. Timers are a great tool to get things done efficiently!

Batch tasks

If you want to be as productive as possible, it’s important to batch similar tasks. It’s way more efficient to clean all the windows in one go, then do one window every day. We can all agree on that. So why would we not do the same with other tasks?

  • Want to take photos for a blogpost, social media post, etc? Take all of them in one day instead of one every day.
  • Want to clean parts of the home? You can batch in two different ways, whichever makes more sense to you and your preference;
    • Do all the bathroom tasks on the same day. You are already in the room, so clean floors, sink, shower etc on the same day.
    • Or, you can clean all the sinks in the house on one day, do all the floors on another day, etc.
  • Want to some work during the day? Do all the work tasks in one hour instead of 5 minutes here and there. You get a lot more done when you are focussed for one hour.

Select a top 3

It can be extremely hard and overwhelming to have a to do list with 30 tasks on them. It makes it harder to finish the list, which will be very demotivating (and therefor way less productive).

What I recommend instead is create a weekly to do list. Just jot down every single thing you would like to do that WEEK. Then; every day, pick three items of that list that you want to accomplish. This can be anything. Some days my top three looks like this:

  1. Homeschool
  2. Vacuum living room
  3. Do groceries

While other days my list can look way different:

  1. Homeschool
  2. Write 2 blogposts
  3. Create 5 reels

It depends on the rest of my day, my mood and energy etc. what actually makes it into my top three.

Let this be your reminder, that not every day has to be extremely productive. Just focus on the three things you are capable of accomplishing.

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X Steph

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