Why you should start a side hustle as a stay at home mom

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Have you ever felt like you wanted to contribute to your family income, but don’t want to leave the house to go to work? Do you want to stay home with your children but also feel like using your gifts and talents? I think it is time to start a side hustle! Here’s some amazing side hustles for moms!

Why start a side hustle?

  • It can provide extra income. We’ll have to start with this, because that is one of the main reasons why moms want to start a side hustle in the first place. Whether it is to be able to afford hiring help once a week or because you just want a little more wiggle room in your grocery budget. Having a side hustle can provide some much needed extra income.
  • You can use your gifts and talents. When you start a little side hustle you can use your talents which otherwise would go to waste. Let’s be honest, as a stay at home mom you won’t use all those skills you worked so hard for to acquire! And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that. But sometimes it’s just amazing to do something with your gifts.
    Good at designing? Create products to sell!
    Good at planning? Become a Social Media manager or Virtual assistent!
  • You can do something that does not involve your kids. Now, that might sounds a little unkind, but I mean it in the best way possible. Being a mother is the best job in the world! But there is nothing wrong with wanting to do something without them as well. Because, you are more than just a mom, you are also a talented woman. And using those talents for something that is YOURS can be so life giving!
  • It can potentially turn into a life-changing income stream. Let’s preface this by saying; it will take a lot of work to reach this. But if you are willing to work and put in the time, your side hustle can turn into something big and amazing. I know hundreds of women who started a side hustle and turned it into their main income stream as a family, bringing their husbands home or paid off thousands of dollars in debt.
side hustle for moms

What side hustle to start?

Side hustles come in many different shapes and forms. And which side hustle you choose depends on a few things. How much time do you want to spend on it? What platform do you want to use? (blogging on your own website or using your social media platform?) and many other factors. Here’s a few of my favourite things to do from home as a mom:

  • Start your own blog
  • Become a Virtual Assistent
  • Become a Social Media manager
  • Sell products on Etsy (digital or physical)
  • Create digital courses
  • Start Social selling

What is your favourite side hustle? Have you started one yet or are you still thinking about one?

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