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The ultimate Fall cleaning checklist

The ultimate Fall cleaning list

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With only three months left in 2021 (wait, what?!?) it’s time to start doing some extra cleaning to get the house ready for Winter. I love having two times a year in which I go above and beyond in my cleaning. And what is easier than using a Fall cleaning checklist to get the job done?!

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Why do a Fall cleaning session?!

Having a clean home is amazing for everyone’s mood. Plus, it helps you to stay healthy. We live in an old home and the amount of times I find mould that I didn’t even know existed during a Fall or Spring cleaning session is unbelievable. Mould can get everywhere!

Having a clean house also improves your productivity. I know plenty of people that find it difficult to work when there is clutter or when you know something still hasn’t been cleaned. So make sure you have a system in place to clean the home.

Another bonus of cleaning your home thoroughly twice a year, is that you can stay on top of the cleaning. The rest of the year you will just clean as needed. This in turn will save you a lot of time during the week!

Here’s my Ultimate Fall cleaning checklist. Download it here, hang it on the fridge and cross off your tasks as you go.

fall cleaning checklist

Add in any additional tasks you want to do!

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