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How to have the best start of your week

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Ever feel like you are always one step behind?! Maybe it’s because you haven’t started off right. Let me help you change that. Do these 6 things every single week and you will have the best start of your week!

1. Plan your week

Of course we need to start with this one. Having a solid plan for your week ahead will save you so much stress and energy. You won’t be running around doing 5 things at the same time (multi-tasking is a myth by the way..) but you will have a good plan. This means you will have things done sooner and more efficiently. And an added bonus is that you now have the time you would normally spend running around, to do what you love or to just hang out on the couch with a cup of tea! win-win.

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My favourite way to plan my week is with a block schedule. It will give you a great structure in your day, but still allows you to have some wiggle room. Use my Productivity planner to create your own schedule! And if you need any help to create a good plan; join the mini-course or book a 1:1 with me!

2. Mealplanning

One of the best time-saving things I implemented as soon as we got married, was creating a meal plan. I sit down and plan out our meals for the entire week. I write it all down in my planner and all I need to do during the week is check my planner.

Thinking about what you will have for dinner every single day is just such a time waster! Plus, it often results in going to the grocery store multiple times a week, which not only costs you precious time, it also costs more money (hello chocolate bars at checkout!).

So do yourself a favour, and start planning your meals. I like to plan my meals for specific days, but you could also grab all you need for the 6-7 meals you want to have that week and decide on the day itself which one you will make.

ps. If you don’t want to think about your meals each week, I highly recommend purchasing this $5 meal plan subscription by Alexa Hughes. It will save you a ton of money and the meals are delicious! And added bonus, the grocery list is already attached! Talking about easy!

3. Grocery shopping

Along with creating that meal plan, make sure you create the grocery list. It will only take a few extra minutes, but you will thank yourself later.

Now, go grocery shopping and do not forget your list!

Some tips:

  • Have your grocery list on your phone. You can ‘cross things off’ as you go and you can not forget your list at home. Because let’s be honest, we forget our lists all the time but always manage to bring our phones 😉
  • Eat before you go. When you go shopping with an empty stomach, you will most likely bring more than you wanted. Everything will look delicious (and needed) when you are hungry.

4. To do list

At the start of your week, you want to create a master to do list. You can use this list throughout your week.

Why a master to do list instead of a daily list? I found that daily to do lists usually stress me out. Especially when something unexpected comes up and I cannot finish the list. With a master to do list, I just cross things off one at a time, depending on the amount of time I have. I always get everything done, without stressing over an unfinished list.

5. Laundry

I am a huge fan of doing one load a day, but sometimes things don’t go as planned or you just have more than 7 loads. So I like to have one day a week in which I do some extra loads to keep me on track. So on my planning day, I usually wash all the bedding and towels. During the week I can focus on the rest of the smaller loads.

6. Take time to rest

The best start to your week though, is to make sure you take time to rest! Enjoy being with your family and unplug for at least half the day!

My planning day used to be on Sunday, but I decided to change it up to a Saturday and have Sunday completely off. So Saturday is filled with tasks and then I turn off my phone for a full day of rest and fun with my family. And it has been amazing!

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