Establishing a new morning routine

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Creating the ultimate morning routine can be a tough challenge. Especially if you feel like you have to do all the things within the first 30 minutes of your day.

But you don’t have to. What you actually need to do is create a morning routine that makes you feel good, excited and ready to conquer the day! Because when YOU feel good, you will be able to be the best version of yourself towards your family.

Creating the ‘perfect’ routine

I love to create a routine with these five elements in them. They are not necessarily in a particular order, I just think these 5 elements are key to a good routine. Whether you start with water or not is up to your own preference (I personally cannot drink more than two sips when I get out of bed, but my husband drinks 2 glasses.. so whatever suits you!)

  1. Fill up your own cup.
    It is important to fill yourself up with positivity. I personally think reading your Bible is the best thing to do (in any situation), but if you are not a christian, you might just love to read a book or do a workout. Whatever fills your cup. Do that!
  2. Express gratitude
    Make sure you are conscious of all the things you are thankful for. Write them down in a journal or on post-it notes. It’s amazing to look back at your journal and see all the amazing things you experienced in that year.
  3. Drink water
    After an entire night of 7-8 hours of sleep, your body need water. So make sure you hydrate in the morning. I made it my goal to drink one 16oz (500ml) cup before the kids wake up.
  4. Take care of your skin
    Your skin is your largest organ, so it is extremely important to take good care of it. Your future self will thank you for taking such good care of it.
  5. Get ready!
    I see so many women that kind of lose themselves once they become a mom. They start to only wear baggy clothes, don’t bother to put on makeup anymore and shower once a week. And it’s so sad!
    If you love baggy clothes and no makeup, then go for it (but please shower more than once a week 😉 But more often than not, it’s just because moms forget about themselves and only care for the kids. Don’t do this! Get up 10 minutes earlier and take a quick shower or put on a little makeup. You will feel so much better!

What does your morning routine look like?! Let me know!

X Steph

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