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How to schedule in me-time as a mom

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me-time as a mom

As a mom, it is so important to schedule in me-time. Just time spent on your own or with some of your friends. As long as it is without the kids. But how do you this and why is it so important?

Why I love ‘me-time’

I am a true introvert, which means I need time alone. I personally prefer to have this time spent just by myself. Being with friends is fun, but as an introvert I don’t get energy out of it. But this can be different for you! I know a ton of people who hate being by themselves and get energy from being with their friends. So do what works best for you!

I love this time of the day, because it helps me to recharge and get through the day without going insane. I can focus on something I need as a mom instead of focussing on the rest of the family all the time. Because, let’s be honest, with kids running around and begging for your attention, you quickly forget to take care of yourself as well. And there’s a reason why they say ‘you cannot pour from an empty cup’!

When do I schedule this time in?

Depending on your schedule and routines, this varies per person. I personally love to have my quiet time, as I call it, in the morning. I wake up before the kids (I explain on why I do this in this post) and go downstairs, grab a cup of tea and my Bible and spent some time on my own. I just love the quietness of the house in the morning and really need to wake up completely, before the kids do.

But if waking up early is not an option for you, try one of these tips:

  • Let the kids play in their own room for a bit, while you spent some time on yourself.
  • Spend part of your evening doing something for YOU.
  • While the kids color at the table, turn on some music and spend 10 minutes on the couch
  • If your kids still nap; USE IT! Use that time wisely and spend it on you.
  • Or just wake up half an hour earlier than you do now and do it in the morning like I do!

Do you focus on time for yourself? What does it look like for you? Let me know down below!


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