How to become a wife of noble character

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Becoming a wife of noble character, what does that even mean? And why would you want to become one? Let’s break it all down and be inspired by the woman in Proverbs 31. Because she truly is the best example of becoming a biblical homemaker and mother.

Graphic with Proverbs 31 verse 10 to 31 written on it.

What does it mean to be a wife of noble character?

Whenever I hear the phrase ‘a wife of noble character’ I always think it sounds so fancy. Like it is something extremely special and almost unattainable. But it’s not!

Becoming a wife of noble character simply means you are a Godly woman that spends a lot of time in her Bible, reading God’s word and becoming the best version of herself she can be for her husband (and children).

You see, it’s not about becoming a perfect wife. It’s about becoming a godly wife, a faithful wife, woman that works hard to make her house a safe haven for her husband.

In Proverbs 31 there are a lot of character traits, but don’t let it discourage you. Read the verses with an open mind, ready to learn new things, willing hands to try new skills and an open heart to hear God speak to you about what kind of wife you can look up to in the Bible!

Why would you want to become a woman of noble character?

One of the biggest reasons for becoming a woman of noble character, is because God says in His word that a virtuous wife is one of the best things you can become. She is worth far more than rubies.

So becoming a wife of noble character is ultimately about becoming who God wants you to be. He wants you to become an excellent wife for your husband, a loving mother to your children and the type of woman that takes care of her home well. And He wants nothing more than to help you become the wife you were meant to be!

woman reading her bible on the bed.

What to do to become a virtuous woman today?

In order to figure out what to do to become a virtuous woman, we simply need to look at Proverbs 31:10-31 and look at all the character traits a virtuous wife has, according to God’s word. Looking at how she is described in these verses will give you a guideline on how to become a virtuous woman.

So let’s dive deeper into those last verses of Proverbs.

  1. Her husband has confidence in her
    Wow! Isn’t that a great thing to hear from your husband? That he has confidence in you and trusts you completely? I believe one of the ways to achieve this, is by being a faithful wife, honest and respectful to your husband. But mostly, to walk with God every day of your life. Because when you walk with God, you will become all this and more!
  2. She brings him good, not harm
    You can look at this verse in many different ways, but one of the ways I see it, is how we talk about our husbands and how we treat him in public. This ties together with verse 23, where it says her husband is respected at the city gate. It is important to always talk about your husband with respect, not just when he is in the same room.
    So often I hear women making fun of things her husband does, or talking bad about him when they are with friends. But being respectful begins with a heart attitude. Decide to ALWAYS talk positively about your husband and praise him in everything he does. You will see that you will both be blessed because of it.
  3. She works with eager hands
    Whenever we do something around the house, doing our daily tasks and managing the home; Do it as unto the Lord (Coll. 3:23). Don’t allow yourself to become lazy, but work hard to make sure your house is a safe place for both you and your family to come home to.
    Working with eager hands doesn’t have to be outside of the home. Do your very best in raising your children, cleaning the home and preparing healthy food for your family. Being a good full time housewife is hard (and very important) work!
  4. She is like the merchant ships, bringing in food
    What a blessing it is, to be able to provide for your family in healthy meals and delicious food! It doesn’t mean you have to cook a four-course meal three times a day. It just means you take care of the ones you love by providing in their needs. Making sure there is good food in the house that will nourish them.
  5. She wakes up early to provide for her family
    This was never my favourite verse, because it meant I had to wake up early. Lol. But ever since I decided to wake up before my kids, I can see why God says it is a better way to start your day.
    Waking up before your children (or even before the sun rises like the virtuous woman) will make you more productive. It will make it easier to provide for your family. Preparing breakfast, making lunch for your husband to bring to work or starting a load of laundry. These are all great things to do before the kids are up and deserve your attention.
  6. She considers a field and buys it, out of her earnings she plants a vineyard
    In normal language that just means she has her own business! How cool is that? I always thought I couldn’t work as a mother, but our woman in Proverbs is an excellent example that you actually can! You can buy a piece of land, work the land, plant a vineyard and earn money. Whatever business you decide to go for, look at the next verse;
  7. She sets about her work vigorously
    It says her arms are strong (does that mean I need to start working out now? lol) and that her trading is profitable. So not only does our woman in Proverbs have a business, she actually does her absolute best, puts in the hard work and makes her business profitable!
  8. Her lamp does not go out at night
    Another verse that tells us about the woman working hard and providing for her family. She even works at night to make sure she can provide for her family. The next verse talks about a spindle and distaff, which refers to making her own fabric and clothes. So she is very skilled at what she does and can sell those items to earn money.
  9. She gives to the poor and needy
    From the money she earns, she gives away freely to those in need. Because when you make money, you have money to give away! A beautiful blessing that comes from earning more money.
  10. She is prepared for what’s to come
    In verse 21 it says she is not afraid of snow, because she is prepared. She makes sure her family has the right clothes to wear for each season, another way she takes good care of her family.
    Prepare your home and family for new seasons, but also prepare for a new day by planning your days, creating routines (like laying out your clothes the night before) and waking up early to be able to leave the house on time when you need to. These are all small things you can do to be more prepared.
  11. She is clothed well
    I love that this verse says; She is clothed in fine linen and purple. I love how this shows us that she does not only take care of her home and her family well, she also takes care of herself. She dresses herself in fine linen! So do not neglect yourself mama! You need a shower just as much as the rest of the family.
  12. Her husband is respected at the city gates
    Another beautiful verse that shares about how she treats her husband. We all know the saying ‘behind every great man is a great woman.’ How we treat our husband is extremely important!
  13. She makes linen garments and sells them
    Another verse on being a business woman? Yep! I guess it’s safe to say this woman was a hard worker!
    I’m not sure if you noticed it yet, but all the things this woman does are based around her home. Even the way she does business. She plants a vineyard and makes her own clothing in order to make money. This does not mean you can’t work outside of the home as a mom. But just know there are lots of ways to make money from home! If you are not convinced yet, read this post about why you should start a side hustle as a stay at home mom!
  14. She is clothed with strength and dignity
    The real beauty of this noble woman is her strength and honour. These are godly traits that only come through spending time in the Word of God. If you want to become a woman of strength, you need to spend time with the One who makes you strong!
  15. She is wise and speaks with faithful instruction
    The Bible is full of verses that talk about the importance of wisdom. This wise woman was full of God’s wisdom. And again, the only way she learned that was through His word. We need to focus on spending time in His word, meditating on it and learning how to become more like Him.
  16. She is not idle
    Another verse that tells us how much emphasis is on her family and household. And when you want to take good care of your family and give them the best you’ve got, you cannot become lazy. It’s hard work to be a noble wife and this woman fills the days of her life with good things.
  17. She is a good mother
    There is a lot to say about how to be a good mother, but I think it has everything to do with being a good role model to them. Showing them and teaching them the right thing to do. And when you show your children what a blessing that is through your own life, they will call you blessed and your husband praises you.
  18. She fears the Lord
    Maybe one of the most important things this woman has is fear of the Lord. It refers to her heart and how much she loves God! It is not about good works, it’s about knowing, trusting and loving God with all your heart.

When you read these verses it might come across as a seemingly impossible standard, but the beautiful thing about these verses is that we do not have to try and become a woman of valor, a woman of noble character and a woman that does ALL THE THINGS. Because you know what, we need to seek Him and then we will receive all the strength and wisdom we need to become a modern proverbs 31 woman.

So I want to encourage you; pick up your Bible, start a new bible study (maybe even about the Proverbs 31 woman) and start seeking Him.

There is nothing He wants more than to show you how amazing you are already and what beautiful things He has in store for you.

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  1. This is a wonderful post! I don’t think there’s enough of this information passed down between mothers and daughters these days. I am teaching this to my three daughters but also letting my son know what to pray for in his future wife!

  2. What a great post! I love that you pointed out that it isn’t doing ALL THE THINGS. Wisdom comes from God. We can’t do everything all the time, and I feel like this is where discernment is important. I feel like the more time I spend with God the better my level of discernment for what is right and when.

    1. Absolutely! I don’t think we ever need to do all the things! Like you said; all we need is to spend time with God and He will show us where we need to put our time and energy. When we do that, we will always do the right thing. It’s like Mary and Martha. Spending time with Him is never wasted. Work can wait 🙂

  3. This is a beautiful and helpful post. I love what God says about the proverbs 31 woman and the way you broke it down was so helpful and eye opening. Your blog is beautiful and your heart behind it is encouraging!

  4. Glad to see great introspection and desire to better one self. In our culture that concentrates on anger and fixing others, it’s important to start with ourselves. Hopefully the men around you all are working as hard on becoming men of virtue themselves.

  5. I need more tips on waking up before your children! Mine are up at 5:30 😛 Thank you for the beautiful writing.

    1. That is definitely early! Our kids wake up between 5am and 7am, depending on how quiet we can be, lol. They know they are not supposed to come out of their rooms before 7am. Unless they need to use the bathroom of course. So it might help to teach them this as well. It also means you have the same amount of morning time every day.

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