A homemaker’s morning routine

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Starting your day off right, is one of the best blessings you can give yourself. Because when you start your day with a good routine, you will be able to be intentional with your time. This will help you feel productive, accomplished and less overwhelmed! And isn’t that something we all want as moms?!

Creating a good morning routine

One of the most important things to start with, is creating a good morning routine. Because we can wake up at 5am, but if we don’t have a good routine that will set us up for success, it is kind of a waste and you could have slept longer. And nobody wants to waste precious sleep, especially as a mother.

So let’s look at what a good routine looks like for a homemaker:

  • You wake up at a decent time, making sure you had enough sleep.
    It’s important to look at the amount of sleep you get. I can tell you you should wake up at 5am every morning, but when you have a newborn that probably won’t work for you at all. So instead of looking at a perfect time to wake up, look at how many hours of sleep you get and work around it.
    As a general rule, I keep 7-8 hours of sleep a night in mind. This means, if I want to wake up at 6am, I need to be in bed around 10.30pm.
    Make sure you choose the waking hours that work for you in this season.
  • You wake up at least 10 minutes before you children.
    When you have picked your wake up time, make sure it is before the kids wake up. If not, adjust it 10-15 minutes so you can be awake before they are. I cannot tell you how much more peaceful my mornings are when I wake up before the kids. It’s even worth it to have a little less sleep to me.
  • You get dressed and ready for the day.
    Something I learned from the FLyLady routine, is how important it is to get dressed. I always knew I felt less productive in my jammies, but for some reason never thought this was actually well-known knowledge.
    But it is so much better for your productivity and also for your emotional well-being. Because when you get dressed you feel so much better, prettier and ready for the day. And this results in a happier mama!
  • You read your Bible or devotional.
    Whether you have 5 minutes or an hour of quiet time in the morning, make sure to pick up you Bible or devotional and spend some time with God. It will make your day a lot better. And doing life with God is so much easier than trying to plough through the days without Him!
  • You look at your calendar, making sure you are ready for the day.
    Make sure you look at your calendar one last time, to see what needs to be done today. Do you need to be at the dentist at 8am with 8 children? Better get upstairs on time and get those kids ready! Or maybe you check the weather and see that there’s a snowstorm coming. Make sure you have everything in the house ready to make it a fun day inside.
    Checking your calendar doesn’t have to take long. It’s just an easy way to make sure you are ready for the day.

If you need more tips on how to create a good routine, I have several posts about routines that you can find here.

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A homemaker’s morning routine

So what could your daily morning routine look like? Here’s a look at mine, which might inspire you. But be sure to create a routine that works for YOU, not just copying mine!

5.00 – wake up and get dressed
5.30 – Go downstairs and pour myself a cup of tea, turn on the lights, etc.
5.40 – Start my morning with a devotional (Mom heart moments)
5.50 – Start working for about an hour
6.45 – I prepare breakfast and lunch for my husband
7.00 – Time to check the kids, get the youngest ready and go downstairs as a family
7.30 – Breakfast time!
8.00 – Cleaning up breakfast + Free play for the kids while I drink coffee
9.00 – School starts!

This is what a typical morning looks like. I usually don’t really work with set times, but for the purpose of this post I added some time stamps. I actually work with routines and a block schedule, so the times might look a little different, but the routine itself stays the same. If you want to know more about how I plan my day into blocks, check out this post!

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