Why we don’t show our kids online

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If you have been following me for a while, you might have noticed that I stopped sharing our kids online. And we have good reasons for it!

In my latest video you can hear me talk about the reasons why, so make sure to check it out below! If you prefer reading a quick and easy overview, scroll down. It will be below this video.

How it began

When I first created my IG page, I just shared my photos for friends and family to watch. So I never really thought about whether or not to share our kids. But in 2018 I turned my profile to public, because I started to build a business on the side. And in order to grow a business, you need to be public and sharing.

So that’s when I did a lot of photos and stories and because I am a stay at home mom, most of my pictures and moments in a day include our kids. So I shared them more in stories and on my feed.

In 2020 I quit that business (which you can learn more about in this video) and basically stopped sharing on my IG. But in 2022 I decided to pick up a new business and start sharing on YouTube. So we had to think about showing our children online and that’s when me and my husband decided to NOT show them online anymore.

Reasons why we don’t show our children online

woman working on her bed on a laptop
  1. We didn’t want them to perform or have to act a certain way just because I needed some footage for a video or Instagram post.
  2. I did not want to involve THEM to grow MY business. It is a business model I chose to pursue, not them. So I don’t want them to ever feel like I am sort of using them to grow a business.
  3. Having their faces out on the world wide web just sounds scary. There are so many crazy, disgusting people on the internet and we don’t want our children to be used for anything gross like that..
  4. With this new AI rise and all the amazing (and dare I say crazy) things they can do, it is actually a lot easier for criminals to create things with images they find online. Identity theft is apparently something they see from online photos more and more.

So how about you? Do you show your kids online? Have you ever thought about it? Because we didn’t for a long time!

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