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Making time for God as a busy mom

woman holding a cup of coffee with a bible on the table

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Are you a busy mom and just can’t seem to find time to read in God’s word every day? I have a few great tips in store for you today!

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As a busy mom myself, I know it can be hard to ‘find time’ to read God’s Word. But the truth is; if something is important to you, you MAKE TIME!

So if reading His Word is important to you (which it should be) than I have a few handy tips for you, to be sure to stay in the Bible all day.

woman holding a cup of coffee with a bible on the table
  1. Read with the kids around
    One thing I love to do, is just read when the kids are in the room. It’s important to have time alone with God, but it’s just as important for your children to see that you are actually practicing what you preach. They need to see you read His Word, not just hear you talking about it.
  2. Wake up early
    Yeah I know, you don’t want to hear this. But it is amazing to spend your early hours with God. It will set you up for a great day and help you to focus on what is important. Can you have quiet time later in the day? Ofcourse! Some seasons, waking up early is not an option. But there is just something about that early morning that makes it so much easier to focus and remember what you have read. Want to try it and read why it is so beneficial to wake up before the kids? Check out this post!
  3. Sticky Notes
    If you have seen any of my videos, you might have heard or seen this before. But we have sticky notes with Bible verses everywhere. It’s such a great reminder to read a verse when I grab something from the fridge, when I am cooking dinner, etc. So definitely do this! Put those sticky notes on your bathroom mirror, walls in the toilet or on the fridge.
  4. Talk to Him while doing household chores
    One of my favourite things to do, is just pray whenever I think about it. Folding t-shirts for my husband? Let’s pray for him while I’m at it! Cooking dinner? Thanking God for being able to feed my family every single day. Those chores happen every day, so why not pray while you’re at it!
  5. Listen to a sermon or audio Bible while doing chores
    another thing I love to do while I do chores, is listen to the audio Bible or a sermon on Youtube. I love doing this while I cook dinner. One earbud in my ear, so I can still hear the kids though!
  6. Talk to the kids about Him all the time.
    When you are a homeschool family, this is something that you can implement throughout the day. So many things can be linked to God’s Word, it’s amazing!

What are some things you do to make more time for God? When do you spend time with Him?

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