7 Life-changing daily habits of a homemaker

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There are a lot of things w need to do every single day as homemakers. Here are 7 things I do every single day to make my life a lot easier.

In this video I share the 7 life-changing habits of a homemaker. So you can watch it below, or scroll down to read a summary of the video.

7 life-changing habits of a homemaker

  1. Vacuum
    Now if there is one thing I really don’t like, it’s all the sand and breadcrumbs on the floor. So I vacuum every single day just before dinner, to make sure the floors are clean.
  2. Do my dishes after every meal
    This is something I love mostly because of the end result. Because I really dislike doing the dishes. But when I want to make my next meal, it really bothers me when the entire counter is filled with dishes. So I bless myself by doing the dishes immediately.
  3. Load of laundry
    If there is one thing that can cause overwhelm, it is a huge laundry pile. So I make sure to stay away from it and do a load every single day. This helps me to stay on top of things and have filled drawers every day.
  4. Pick up clutter from the floors
    Having things on the floors can make your house feel like a mess so easily. So making sure you take all those loose items from the floor makes a huge difference.
  5. Take a break
    Now, just as important as doing your chores and work every single day. Take regular breaks. And it doesn’t have to be hours long. Just 5 minutes to take a cup of coffee and hug your children can do miracles!
  6. Cook from home
    Creating nutritious meals from home is my favourite habit. I just love cooking from home! It’s such a beautiful and important skill to learn as a homemaker. It will help you save money, have delicious meals and have an amazing skill all together.
  7. Closing down my kitchen
    A new habit I adopted about a year ago, is closing down my kitchen. And man has it made a difference. Making sure our kitchen looks great and clean before I go to bed has been an amazing feeling, especially in the morning! If you are curious what that routine looks like, check out this video.

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Now, let me know what you do every single day! What are some habits you do daily to keep your home in order?

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