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How to create a laundry routine that works

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Do you ever feel like you could be doing laundry all day every day?! Or is that just me?! With three kids (one of them being a baby) we have quite the amount of laundry each week. Staying on top of it has been a challenge, but I found a laundry routine that really works!

Make it manageable

No matter how big your family is (and that laundry pile), make sure your laundry routine is actually something you can manage. So don’t overdo it and think you can do 10 loads in one day. Because 1) is that even humanly possible? and 2) you will have to fold 10 loads in one day as well. And who has time to do that?!

So make sure you keep things manageable for yourself. Do you work outside of the house? Are you a stay at home mom or are you working from home? That is important to know because it will determine how many loads you can actually do!

One load a day

No matter what your situation is, try to do one load a day. This will help you to stay on top of that ever growing pile of laundry. What my suggestions would be per situation?

Stay at home: Wash one load each morning. Once it is done, move it over to the dryer. Fold it on that same day and put it away.

Work at home: Basically the same routine as above. Putting one load in the washer does not take much time, so make it a priority in your morning block so you can focus on work during the work block. (Don’t work with blocks? GO check out this post and start today! It’s the best!)

Work outside the home: Before getting out the door, make sure your washing machine is turned on with that one load! If your machine has the option to postpone starting time, use that and have it finished just before you come back home from work. Once you come back, transfer the load to the dryer and your one load will be done that evening. Plenty of time to fold it as well!

laundry routine that works

Finish the entire load

Don’t shoot me yet, let me explain! Eventhough I always felt like it was basically impossible to do this, I discovered it is actually super easy. I just didn’t want to fold a load every single evening.

But you know what. It actually makes life so much easier to do just one entire load from start to finish that doing random jobs every now and then. Because I always ended up with having 5 laundry baskets to fold.

Have one ‘catch up’ day a week

I don’t know the size of your family or the amount of laundry you produce. But in our family we do pretty good when I do one load a day. But there’s always those bedlinnen and some extra loads that just didn’t get done during the week.

That’s why I always have one day a week in which I do some catching up. I wash those extra loads and make sure the piles doesn’t slowly grow bigger and bigger again. If you are a stay at home mom you might prefer to do that on a weekday like me, but if you work outside the house it might be a lot easier to have Saturday as a ‘catch up’ day.

Now I am curious. What is your laundry routine? Let me know in the comments!

X Steph

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