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5 cleaning hacks every busy mom needs

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As a busy mom you have a lot to do. And cleaning is probably one of those tasks that you do not want to spend too much time on. Well, neither do I. With these cleaning hacks, you’ll be sure to stay on top of it all without spending hours on cleaning!

Make it a priority

I don’t know about you, but cleaning is NOT something I love to do. I’ve always admired those women that naturally love to clean their home. It would have been great if the Lord blessed me with that character trait. But He didn’t, lol.

So cleaning to me doesn’t come ‘natural’. I have to make it a priority to be able to keep up with it. And that is just what I did (and still do). Making it a priority is important, because cleaning IS important.

Having a clean home for your family is an important part of homemaking. It creates a safe and healthy space for you and your family. And isn’t that what all moms want? A place called home that is a joy to be in?

So, see housework and cleaning as an important part of your job as a mom. It is one important way you can show your family how much you care about taking care of them.

Now, does this mean it has to be super clean always and forever? Of course not! There is nothing wrong with dishes in the sink or toys on the floor everywhere. It just means you put effort into keeping your home clean and safe.

Keep up with the work

One of the best things I decided to do, was keep up with all the work. Doing everything in one day is so much harder than doing a little bit every single day.

And even as a working mom you can keep up with the work. You could spend 15 minutes after dinner to clean a part of your home every day, to make sure the load is more spread out throughout the week. This will give you more time in the weekend to spend with your family too!

Need more help to create a good schedule? Read this post for how I use a block schedule system.

Have tasks for specific days

One easy way to make cleaning a priority in your schedule, is having a specific day for each task. I used the Clean mama schedule for a while and it is great! After a while, I switched up the weekly tasks to fit our family a little better, but the idea stays the same. I do something every day of the week.

My current schedule looks like this:

Monday = Laundry (sorting and ironing)
Tuesday = Bathrooms
Wednesday = Vacuum and mop floors
Thursday = Beds and towels
Friday = Kitchen (+ fridge)
Saturday = grocery day
Sunday = rest day

Involve the kids

A great way to get rid of the overwhelm to ‘do it all’ is to have the kids involved. You will be amazed at how much children love to help you clean. My kids constantly beg me to vacuum, clean the dishes or just help me with anything. Yes, it might take longer in the beginning, but after a while they will be able to the things on their own. And that is so helpful!

Our son is now 6 and he does dishes, vacuums and helps with laundry. Our 3 year old helps with laundry, dusts part of the living room (she can’t reach everything obviously) and helps me with cooking. They love to help and I can ask them to do something whenever I need some help.

I recently didn’t feel great and asked my kids to help me a little more that day. Instead of me doing it all, my son vacuumed the house for me and my daughter picked up all the clutter and they both helped to wipe down surfaces.

Get help

And let’s not forget this ‘hack’. It’s okay to ask for help. Sometimes you just need someone to help you out. And that is okay!

One of the main reasons I want to hire someone to help with cleaning as soon as we can afford it, is because it will give me more time to focus on the family. Instead of cleaning the bathroom I can play with the kids, homeschool our children or just go outside for a walk.

Whatever your reason is to ask for help. Do it! Don’t feel ashamed if you need help! We all need help and it looks different for all of us.

What is one of your favourite cleaning hacks? Do you have any more tips you want to share? Let me know in the comments!

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