Stay at home mom essentials

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As a stay at home mom there are a few things ESSENTIAL to have. Your life will be so much nicer when you have these stay at home mom essentials.

Cosy outfits

Yes, this is on top of the list on purpose. Because which mom can function properly without a cosy outfit?! I don’t mean you have to walk around in sweatpants every day (but, do you!). I mean something that is cosy to YOU. In my case that is a good old jeans with a sweater or a simple t-shirt. Nothing fancy, just easy.

In the 1950s people used to wear house dresses, and even though I own 0 of those, I am actually tempted to buy some. Because they actually look very comfy to me! Do you wear house dresses? I am curious!


The most important thing you need to have on hand. Because motherhood isn’t always easy. And even though it might be tempting to go on Instagram and complain about your kids or put them in front of a screen to give yourself a break, the best thing to do is go into God’s word and look for His ways to deal with the situation.

stay at home mom essentials

One of my absolute favourite books ever on parenting with God, is M is for Mama. That book helped me so much in a time where I felt like I was just a bad mom. But I was not. YOU are not. You just need some help (and we all do!). Abbie explains so well how to deal with certain situations and I have never felt more equipped in motherhood than after reading this book. Honestly, if you want to read a book on parenting, buy this!


And to stay with the topic; you need books. And I mean for you and the kids this time. I love reading books with the kids and I notice how relaxing it is for them as well. As soon as I start our read aloud, my kids pile up next to me on the couch and just listen to my voice. I love how it both helps them to relax for a second, and helps in expanding their vocabulary.

Some of my favourite read aloud books are:

Here’s just a few of our favourites, but there are many more books we love! Check out my Instagram highlight to stay up to date on all the books we are reading and loving.

Slippers (Glerups)

stay at home mom essentials

Okay, Glerups are somewhat new to me. But they are THE BEST! I received my first Glerups for Christmas and I am never going back. These are the comfiest slippers I have ever owned. And trust me, I have owned a ton! I would buy new ones every 3-6 months because I wear them all day every day and they would literally fall apart after a few months. (Tell me you’re a stay at home mom without telling me you’re a stay at home mom..)

Trust me; You want these asap!

ps. They are even comfier when you wear Happy Socks 😉


If you are a mom, I am pretty sure you have these in your home. Unless you have very short hair, which in that case, skip this one.

But for all us moms with longer hair; scrunchies are a necessity! I often want to keep my hair down, but it ends in a messy bun after approximately 30 minutes thanks to a baby that will pull my hair. So make sure you have at least one scrunchy in every room of the house.

What is one of your essential items as a stay at home mom?

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